The Co-Designed Post-Pandemic University: A Participatory And Continual Learning Approach For The Future Of Work

Published in Post Pandemic University 2020 Conference, 2021

Recommended citation: Gupta, Abhishek, and Connor Wright. "The Co-Designed Post-Pandemic University: A Participatory and Continual Learning Approach for the Future of Work." arXiv preprint arXiv:2112.05751 (2021).

The pandemic has shattered the traditional enclosures of learning. The post-pandemic university (PPU) will no longer be contained within the 4 walls of a lecture theatre, and finish once students have left the premises. The use of online services has now blended home and university life, and the PPU needs to reflect this. Our proposal of a continuous learning model will take advantage of the newfound omnipresence of learning, while being dynamic enough to continually adapt to the ever-evolving virus situation. Universities restricting themselves to fixed subject themes that are then forgotten once completed, will miss out on the ‘fresh start’ presented by the virus.

Post Pandemic University 2020 Conference