Screenshot from the BorealisAI Northern Frontier Series featured interview on AI ethics

Interview with BorealisAI


Interview with BorealisAI that took a dive into the threat automation poses to job loss based on the current science, whether bias is the biggest problem we face in responsible AI, and what we should consider reasonable trade-offs for improving fairness.

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Framework for the ethical development of AI

Montreal AI Symposium

Presentation at the Montreal AI Symposium on a framework for ethical development of AI systems

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Ethics in AI and Moral attributes of intelligent systems

Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Presentation at the Brookfield Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation on ethics in AI and the moral attributes of intelligent systems

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Ethics of AI and community work in Montreal

AI for Good Global Summit at the United Nations

Featured interview on the ethics of AI, community work and the importance of public competence in building responsible AI systems.

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REWORK AI in Industrial Automation Summit

Overview of my work and how AI can be used to make a positive impact higlighting the importance of interdisciplinary discussions and public competence for getting good governance around AI systems

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