Abhishek Gupta

AI Ethics Researcher

I am the founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute and an AI Ethics researcher working on creating ethical, safe and inclusive AI systems. I'm currently based out of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I also work as a Software Engineer doing machine learning at Microsoft in Montreal, Canada.

Current Work

  • I founded the Montreal AI Ethics Institute with the vision of creating tangible and practical research in the ethical, safe and inclusive development of AI. See the link for more details - Montreal AI Ethics Institute
  • I founded the meetup group on AI Ethics in Montreal that meets once every two weeks to do a deep dive on different aspects of the ethical development of AI. We also work together as a community to provide feedback and recommendations to public documents like the Montreal Ethical AI Declaration. The group consists of members with diverse backgrounds like computer science, law, sociology, business, policy, etc. More information on the meetups is available here - Montreal AI Ethics meetup
  • Labor shifts: Labor impacts of AI-enabled automation in the financial services industry in Canada.
  • AI Ethics in Education: Introductory curriculum via a 4-part workshop series to introduce the topic of the ethical development of AI to students, faculty, staff and alumni of the McGill community.
  • AI Ethics in Medicine: Informed consent and its ethical implications in the field of medicine, especially when AI-enabled solutions are used in diagnosis and clinical trials.
  • Mission-driven AI: research on how non-profits, social enterprises and NGOs can leverage machine learning solutions to help them stretch their donation dollars further by scaling the work that they do and increasing efficiency of their operations
  • Social inclusion in AI: Technical and policy approaches to increase social inclusion in the entire pipeline of AI - from design and conception, data collection and use all the way to the end-of-life management of a project.
  • AI and Law: Legal and ethical implications with the increasing use of AI in the context of emerging privacy and data security laws like the GDPR

If any one of the above areas interest you or you're interested in collaborating on the intersection of AI with another field and exploring its ethical implications, feel free to reach out to me via email or any other channel as mentioned in the top section.

Conferences & Speaking Engagements



OTTIAQ Annual Conference - Human Relations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Montreal 2018
How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way We Do Business, Montreal 2018

Ethical Development of AI : A Practical Approach

An introduction to the ethical development of AI



McGill: Data Science for Business Decisions
SAP AI Conference

Guest Lecture - AI Ethics

Ethics in AI: Meet the Experts



Education in the 21st Century Symposium on AI and Education, Ottawa 2018
REWORK: AI in Industrial Automation Summit San Francisco 2018

How might an ethically and morally-informed AI be conceived in a culturally diverse global context?

Future of Cybersecurity for Businesses implementing AI



REWORK: AI in Industrial Automation Summit San Francisco 2018
REWORK: Deep Learning for Robotics Summit San Francisco 2018

Global Policy Surrounding AI and Autonomous Systems

Humanising AI and the Ethical Implications of Technology



Dawson College AI Symposium
The Next Web Conference, Amsterdam 2018

Impact of AI and Big Data on Society

Ethical Development of AI: A Practical Approach



HR Tech Summit Toronto 2018
Oxford Internet Institute - Connected Life, London 2018

Addressing Tech’s Ethical Dark Side: How Can We Ensure that AI is Used for the Good

Inclusive design -How do we ensure a high degree of participation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems?


Canada Delegation Lead

Rightscon 2018 Toronto
AI for Good Global Summit, Geneva 2018

Workers Data Rights - Making sure the human remains in human resources

Discussion of AI Ethics work being done in Montreal


Contributor - AI Expert

AI Conference by the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Montreal
INGSA Workshop on Evaluating wellbeing in the Digital Age, London

AI automation and employee replacement – What precautions can be taken to avoid sector specific unemployment?

Guiding discussions from a technical and policy perspective on the impact that AI will have on wellbeing



Concordia Management Consulting - Workplace 2020
Brookfield Institute - AI + Public Policy: Understanding the Shift

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and the ethical development of AI

Lightning Talk on the ethical development of AI



urbAIn Round Table Conference 2018 - Artificial Intelligence and the City
ReframeWork - Radius SFU | ALTNOW | Banff Center

Ethical Implications of using AI in Smart Cities

Practical Industry and Academia experiences: AI ethics



Tech Against Terrorism Montreal Workshop 2018
Keeping Up with the Speed of Disruption: A Public Policy Forum Seminar Series

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – the requirement for transparency

Session #1: The New Intelligence

Program Committee


The 31st International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems 2018
Massey Science Conference - Franklin Forum, Toronto 2018

Special Track: Artifical Intelligence, Law and Justice

How can we use AI ethically, transparently, and safely?


Content Expert

School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University
REWORK Deep Learning Summit San Francisco 2018

Social Debates and Issues in Public Policy Analysis - Artificial Intelligence Panel

Workshop: Introduction to Deep Learning



REWORK AI Assistant Summit San Francisco 2018
REWORK Deep Learning Summit San Francisco 2018

As Our AI Systems Become More Capable, Should Ethics be an Integral Component to your Business Strategy?

What are the Main Practical Safety Issues with AI Products?



Transatlantic ICT Forum, European Parliament, Brussels 2017
Artificial Intelligence World Forum, Toronto 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Social Inclusion

Law & Ethics of AI

Organizer and Facilitator

Facilitator and Co-organizer

Workshop Series at McGill University, Montreal 2017-18
Workshop with ElementAI at FWD50, Ottawa 2017

Ethical Development of AI - A Practical Approach - Workshop 1

Government and AI



Tandem Launch AI MTL 2017

Exploring AI Ethics and NLP using Chatbots

Table-ronde : Les algorithmes dans l’économie numérique


Montreal Delegation Organizer - District 3

Montreal AI Symposium 2017
AI for Good Global Summit, Geneva 2017

Meticulous Transparency — A Necessary Practice for Ethical AI

Discussion of AI Ethics work being done in Montreal


  • Artificial Intelligence as a Force For Good

    Stanford Social Innovation Review

    Technology Section

    Article Link

  • Inclusive Design - Methods to ensure a high degree of participation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems

    Oxford Internet Institute

    Oxford University - Connected Life 2018

    Conference Proceedings

  • AI in Smart Cities: Privacy, Trust and Ethics


    AI in Smart Cities Series

    Article Link

  • Ethical Implications of AI


    White Paper Series

    Paper Link

  • The Evolution of Fraud: Ethical Implications in the Age of Large-scale Data Breaches and Widespread Artificial Intelligence Solutions Deployment

    International Telecommunications Union - United Nations

    ICT Discoveries: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Communication Networks and Services

    Journal Link

  • Here’s how Canada can be a global leader in ethical AI

    The Conversation | Article Link

    World Economic Forum | Article Link

    Financial Post | Article Link

  • The Finance and AI Ecosystem


    District 3 Innovation Center, Concordia University

    Article Link

  • The History of AI in Finance


    District 3 Innovation Center, Concordia University

    Article Link

  • Introduction to the Impact of AI-enabled Automation in the Financial Services Industry


    District 3 Innovation Center, Concordia University

    Article Link

  • Legal and ethical implications of data accessibility for public welfare and AI research advancement


    Ethics and Law of AI series

    Article Link

  • Reproducibility as a key pillar in the audit of AI systems


    Technical perspectives in the ethical development of AI series

    Link coming soon

  • Montreal Declaration for Responsible AI

    Early contributor

    University of Montreal

    Public consultation on the ethical development of AI

    Web Link

  • Responsible AI in the Government of Canada

    Early contributor

    Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada

    Digital Disruption White Paper Series

    Google Document Link

Media Coverage

Aaron Rand Show: This Insta-star with over a million followers is... a robot?

Montreal's booming tech industry juggles ethics with innovation

CJAD 800 Montreal - Radio Interview
McGill University News
Jul 2, 2018
Dec 17, 2017

Soundcloud Link coming soon

Leslie Roberts Show: How AI will affect the Future of Work

AI vs. Ethics: Where does HR's loyalty lie?

CJAD 800 Montreal - Radio Interview
HRD HRTech News
May 4, 2018
June 25, 2018

Soundcloud Link coming soon

Militarisation de l'intelligence artificielle : « L’ampleur des dégâts pourrait être sans limites »

Ethics of using AI in autonomous weapons systems

CBC News and Radio Canada
CJAD 800 Montreal Radio Interview with Dan Delmar
April 5, 2018
March 30, 2018

Soundcloud Link coming soon

Mapping the Future of Artificial Intelligence

As Our AI Systems Become More Capable, Should Ethics be an Integral Component to your Business Strategy?

The Concordian
March 20, 2018
February 2, 2018

Artificial Intelligence Ethics - Year in Review 2017

Dan Delmar: Quebec is well placed to become a leader in AI ethics

CJAD 800 Montreal Radio Interview with Dan Delmar
Montreal Gazette
December 27, 2017
December 19, 2017

Montreal seeks to be world leader in responsible artificial intelligence research

Montreal Gazette
National Post
The Globe and Mail
Metro News Montreal
Metro News Toronto
Calgary Herald
Times Colonist
The Province
December 17, 2017

Making smart machines ethical: Montreal Forum seeks to lead conversation on responsible AI

Yahoo News
December 3, 2017

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